Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's all "For the Birds"

Saturday is the day. It's getting closer everyday and we are getting more and more great stuff for the auction. Things are looking real well. Dan at the Bird TLC Office was telling me yesterday that we have sold over 240 tickets. There are still a few available. There won't be any available at the door.

For the Birds

Bird TLC Live & Silent Auction

In February 3, 2007 from 6 - 11 PM @ ConocoPhillips Atrium

Host & Entertainment, Mr. Whitekeys

Buffet by Chef Al Levinson

No Host Beer & Wine Bar

Tickets $50

Attend this well worth it fundraiser for an evening of fine dining, good company and great auction items. This will be our main 2007 fundraiser. Proceeds will benefit our wild bird clinic and education programs.

For tickets or more information, contact the Bird TLC office at 562-4852

Also, check out Elise's post on her blog about working in the kitchen at Bird TLC and it's also in the Anchorage Daily News today in the "Voice of the Times" section.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eagle, deer head, electricity: No mix

The Associated Press

Published: January 30, 2007
Last Modified: January 30, 2007 at 01:39 AM

JUNEAU -- About 10,000 Juneau residents briefly lost power Sunday after a bald eagle lugging a deer head crashed into transmission lines.

"You have to live in Alaska to have this kind of outage scenario," said Gayle Wood, an Alaska Electric Light & Power spokeswoman. "This is the story of the overly ambitious eagle who evidently found a deer head in the landfill."

The hefty bounty apparently bogged down the eagle, which failed to clear transmission lines as it flew away from the landfill, she said. When a repair crew arrived, they found the eagle carcass with the deer head nearby.

This eagle "got ahold of a little bit more than he could handle," Wood said.

Power was out less than 45 minutes.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Eagle from Kenai

This young Bald Eagle (BE 07-007) was sent to us by Beth of U.S.F.&W. in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. It was laying down, not wanting to get up. When it arrived at the clinic, it was a little more active. We gave a thorough exam and found no injuries. We placed it in a clean mew with fresh water and salmon. It stood up right off the bat. The best we can figure that he made a common mistake a lot of young eagles do. He over ate. His crop was too full so he felt real bad.

It'll spend a little time with us under observation. Meals and board on Bird TLC. He'll be released before long at all.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Raven from Dillingham

This young Raven came to us from Dillingham. U.S.F. & W sent it to us after he was easily caught because of the injury that is obvious in the photo at left. We don't know how it became injured, it was an old injury on a young bird.

We started it on a antibiotic, cleaned up the old wound and placed a topical cream on it. It now gets physical therapy everyday so that elbow gets plenty of exercise. It's a pretty easy going Raven, taking it all in stride. Waiting for the day it'll be released.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I"M BACK!!!!!

I have a new ISP, laptop and also went wireless while I was at it. There's still some fine tuning to do, like my Microsoft Outlook email isn't sending, only recieving. But I'm back!

The online auction took a hit because of the time I was offline. I'm not sure if I recieved all of the emails. We might pull those items and just have them in our live and silent auction. Give me some feedback if you have a problem with that.

I have lots of pictures and stories to post. I'll get caught up soon.

Also, welcome back Cindy Palmatier. She was out for a bit with a family emergency for about a week. We survived without her, but she sure was missed.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Christmas Gifts in use

Dr Mike Riddle, assisted by Gina, are trying out the new to us equipment donated by The Pet Stop.
Please bear with my lack of posting. My ISP has been having some major issues this past week. I'm changing providers, but that won't take effect until Wednesday. Also, I haven't been to many blogs for them same reason.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Internet Issues

My broadband connection with my local internet service provider is down. They tell me 3-4 days before it's repaired. In the mean time it's dial-up (AND IT SUCKS!!!). Please bear with me.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bird TLC 1st Online Auction

Today is the first day of Bird TLC's 1st Online Auction. There are presently four items picked by our auction committee. Click on the above banner to check them out and place your bids.

All procedes go to support Alaska's wild birds, because birds don't have life insurance.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last Evening with Eagles

For a cold night, there was a good turn out for "An Evening with Eagles".

Meg Laws of the USFWS gave a presentation about the proposed guidelines for management of bald eagles should they be delisted, and the proposed regulatory definition of “Disturb” under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which will clarify interpretation of this regulation.

Cindy from Bird TLC described the process of rehabilitating an eagle from when it comes into the clinic to when it's released and Rachel from TLC explained more of the Bird TLC mission and upcoming event.

Eagle presenters Mary Bethe Wright and Gloria Beckman were able to describe some of the more exciting times of becoming a presenter and their responsibilities.

At the end, everyone was bale to take close up pictures and ask the presenters questions.

For more pictures from last night, visit John Gomes website at

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Little Snow

We've recieved just a little snow this winter. 36 inches in December and so far this year, we've recieved about 26 inches. Right now it -1° F. By Wednesday it should get to about -10° F. Then it's suppose to get warmer from there.

My sister and brother live in Maryland. Both called me yesterday rubbing in their +74° F weather. They don't know what they are missing.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The difference between boys and girls

Snowy Owls that is. Can you tell which one is male and which is female?


Here's how...their overall plumage is variably barred or speckled with thin, black, horizontal bars or spots. Females and juveniles are more heavily marked than males - adult males may be almost pure white, although they have up to three tail bands. Adult females are distinctly barred throughout, and have from four to six tail bands. Immatures are very heavily barred throughout, and dark spotting may codominate or dominate the overall plumage. Intensity of dark spotting varies with the sex of the immatures, females being the darkest. Juveniles are uniformly brown with scattered white tips of down.

So, do you have it figured out? OK, I'll help you. Female on left, male on right.

Photo Credits: Cindy Palmatier & Dave Dorsey / Bird TLC

Friday, January 05, 2007

An Evening with Eagles

An Evening with Eagles, 7-9pm on January 10th at the Campbell Creek Science Center

Join the Bird Treatment and Learning Center and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for an informative evening all about Alaska’s eagles. Bird TLC will share stories of rescues, rehabilitation, and releases. Trained eagle handlers will answer questions about working with these magnificent birds and teaching the public about them. Meg Laws of the USFWS will make a presentation about the proposed guidelines for management of bald eagles should they be delisted, and the proposed regulatory definition of “Disturb” under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which will clarify interpretation of this regulation. (Public comments on the proposed definition are due January 12th, and information on how and where to provide comments will be available at the event). The program will conclude with an educational presentation with a live bald eagle. For questions about the program, please call Bird TLC at 562-4852. For questions about delisting of the bald eagle or the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, please contact Bruce Woods at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at 786-3695. For directions to the Campbell Creek Science Center, call 267-1247 or check their website

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Salmon needed!!!

Last year Bird TLC saw 47 Eagles come through it's doors. Eagles are mainly fish eaters and in Alaska it's mainly salmon and lots of it. To get their strength and good health back, they must eat a good meal everyday. Everyday Bird TLC Volunteers clean mews, equipment, medicate and feed the birds.

At this time, Bird TLC's supply of salmon is critically low. If you live in the Anchorage area and have unprocessed salmon that you don't want, we will take it. Contact our office at 562-4852 anytime M - F from 9-5 pm for directions to our clinic. We'll even give you a receipt for the IRS.

Make your day, feed an Eagle!

Photo credit: John Gomes / Anchorage, Alaska

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There's always training.

Tonight we had traditional Jess training. Cindy showed us how to make them and also how to customize them to each bird. The traditional Jess is a single piece of leather that makes up the jess and the anklet (see 1st image at left). This is the type that is used on birds that aren't flighted. They are for tethering or handling only, and not for flying or hunting.

For an excellent description of all types of Jesses, check out
The Modern Apprentice.