Saturday, April 28, 2007

Trip to McGrath

Ghost and I made our first out of town over nighter this past Friday and Saturday. We went to McGrath, Alaska. It's 418 air miles from Anchorage. I say air miles because there are no roads that connect Anchorage and McGrath. We flew on PenAir. They have fantastic customer service. They treated Ghost and I very well. They also donate cargo space to injured birds being sent to Bird TLC.

We were hosted by Clara Demientieff of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. She took excellent care of us. She took the pictures with my camera for me. USF&W put us up in their bunk house stocked with food and gave us a vehicle to use. She took us on the quick tour because the plane was late arriving and we were a little behind schedule. We did 4 presenations at the school that afternoon and came back at 7 PM and did another.

Both Ghost and I had a great time and I hope the kids, students, teachers and all others enjoyed it also. Ghost even cast a pellet for the middle school group.

Check out the pictures above and also check out the ones in our Photobucket Album.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Bird Seminar 2007

Our anual Baby Bird Seminar was this past Saturday. Those who would like to be foster baby bird moms or dads must attend. Everything you ever wanted to know as far as being a foster baby bird parent is covered, plus some.

Every year we are flooded with all types of baby birds that have been orphaned. The amount is too much for Bird TLC to handle, so we farm them out but only to those who attended the seminar that year. The new moms or dads still can call Bird TLC for help, advice, etc. Then they must be brought back for a final check out before they are released.

Best of luck to all the new moms and dads!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Getting ready for Harry Potter at the Imaginarium

Ghost is becoming very popular because of the upcoming release of the new Harry Potter book and movie. We did an early press release this morning at the Imaginarium here in Anchorage.

Wizards and Wings

A Science Adventure with Harry Potter & All Things Owl
Friday, July 20 at The Imaginarium
Session at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 & 7:30 p.m.
Price: $6.00 per ticket
Tickets can only be purchased ONLINE.
Click Here to Purchase!

Come celebrate the release of
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with
The Imaginarium, Bird TLC, and Title Wave Books!
Visit a live Snowy Owl plus three other facinating owl friends,
meet members of The Imaginarium's reptile collection,
plus put in your advance order for Harry Potter book seven!
Don't miss this exciting special event for muggles only.
No giants, please, due to low ceilings.

Sponsored by: Co-sponsored by:
Bird TLC
Title Wave Books
The Imaginarium

Also, check out Laura Erickson of Laura's Birding Blog who did a great "The Owls of Harry Potter" page. I have a couple of her books.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trumpeter Swan fly bye-bye

Hey all,
a few photo's of our swan release. It was a total success. not to many people came for her release, but the lucky few got to witness something absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you everyone, have a good day the sun is out!

That's from Terri Webber, the rehabber in Cordova that sent us the Trumpeter Swan two months ago after it got stuck in a tree because it couldn't see because of flukes covering it's eyes.

Great job Terri! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the pic's.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Spring

It is spring. No, it iiiisssss spring. The temperature got up to +50°F today. The snow is melting fast revealing all the little secrets it hides all winter. I washed my old truck on Saturday and Sunday I raked up leaves and freshly unfrozed dog poop (land mines). Business has picked up at the job that puts the mice in Ghost mew. Speaking of Ghost, we've been averaging one presentation a week. Things at the clinic have been slow. Not many stories to write and Aggie (left) has writers block.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BE 07-16 update

BE 07-16 is eating on his own now. He's still unable to stand unassisted because of his injuries. His right leg fracture was repaired with stainless steel pins.

Here clinic volunteer Stewart gives him a baytril shot while Cindy restrains him.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

BE 07-15 & 16 have arrived

Ruth and I made a couple trips to the airport this week picking up eagles. Generally we help with that after the clinic is closed to try to help Cindy from putting in way too much time. She seems to want a life after her time at TLC is up.

The first one, BE 07-15 was on Wednesday at midnight. This one came in from Kodiak. He didn't look as well as he does at the right. He received several abrasions to the head. We have no idea how. He was very loopie and dehydrated, but very hungry. He's been eating like a hog ever since and is recovering well so far.

BE 07-16 came to us last night from Adak which is in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. He had about a 1300 mile airline flight to get to Anchorage. He'll go in for x-rays today. He was dehydrated, had a extremely swollen right leg and right elbow. Chances are that's because of fractures, but without x-rays you can't be sure. He's an older bird also. Cindy did meet up with us at the clinic. We weren't sure what kind of condition this guy was coming in and might need some help. We always learn something when we work with her.

That's #16 eagle of the year so far. We've had a short slow period but now it looks like things are picking up again. Spring must be here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guess who was seen with Ol' Fart

We sent our buddy Ol' Fart to live in Williamsburg, Va. at the Busch Gardens, Eagle Ridge back in March. Since then it looks like he has made a few popular friends. I took this picture off of their website a week or two ago. Here's hoping Jack Hanna relizes who he's keeping compnay with. We have sent them 4 eagles all together.

Eagle Ridge is where you can learn about the eagle's struggle for survival through this one-acre habitat for American bald eagles. Busch Gardens Williamsburg provides a haven for injured eagles as part of its commitment to conservation and wildlife preservation.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Day 2 Great Alaskan Sportsman Show

Today was another good day at The Great Alaskan Sportsman Show. Today a Northwestern Crow, a Merlin and a Northern Hawk Owl were presented. The crowds again were good sized and steady.

We even ran into some old friends!