Thursday, September 13, 2012

Education Presenter Orientation

The Bird TLC Education Committee put on another Orientation Program tonight with an awesome turn out. Over 20 people interested in being one of our education presenters were on hand. We also had guests from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. They are working on developing a program of their own.

Everything was discussed from how to present, what not to wear....

gear for the bird, gear for the presenter and then

everyone that wanted was able to test drive one of our education birds.
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

BE 12-32 from Kodiak

BE 12-32 came from Kodiak on Saturday in pretty rough shape. It was very dehydrated, signs of being on the ground for a while and started vomiting green slime during intake exam. He was given fluids, but not much more we could do until it was a little more stable. When it was placed in a mew, it was a little unstable, but settled down after a bit.
On Sunday afternoon, Karen examined the bird again and gave it fluids. She also gave it some red meat and salmon by tong and it took it with a little help and kept it down. Karen and Sharon then cleaned up its beak and nasty feet. He was also treated for feather lice.
This guy has a long road to recovery, but at least it's closer to being stable to be treated.
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