Wednesday, July 21, 2004


These guys were found too close to the Palmer Airport. They are being cared for by one of our falconer friends, Tim Sell. He took them home to "hack out". Hacking is a method of raising young raptors so that they don't assiciate humans with food and can become independent at their own rate of speed.

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Dave said...

Well, they're called Northern Harriers (Circus cyaneus) and they are
the only species of harrier in North America. They are somewhat
similar to accipiters such as Northern Goshawks, Coopers Hawks or
Sharp-shinned Hawks, but their lifestyle is very different. They hunt
over open meadows and marshes and nest on the ground. They were
formerly called Marsh Hawks. Their chief prey is the vole (meadow
mouse), but they also eat other small mammals as well as birds.

Thanks to Chris Maack for the info