Monday, November 29, 2004

No Road Kill Today!

This is an xray of a bald eagle with a broken left leg. He (or she) was found just outside of Seward on the side of the road. He was recovered by the Alaska Sealife Center and transferred to Bird TLC on Thanksgiving Day. It appears he was injured for a little while. The break was clean but there is the start of calcium build up on the break. He was unable to fly, probably because he couldn't hop well enough to get started. His tail feathers are a little beaten up and he lost some weight. When ASC went to recover him they said he could hop a little and would call at them when they approached it.
When he got to Bird TLC he was examined and put in a clean mew with food and water. Not much could be done because of the holiday. He was taken into The Pet Stop for xrays this morning and they show what was expected. Tomorrow he's scheduled for surgery at The Pet Stop. Dr. Todd Palmatier is going to put a pin in the leg to hold the bones together. Fellings right now is the outcome should be good and he may be released in the future.
Bird TLC Rehab Director, Cindy Palmatier says he's in good spirits and health considering the break. He's been eating like a teenage boy. He didn't feel up to turning around for his picture. Notice how the tail feathers are a little roughed up from being on the ground for a while. He was placed on a low perch to help keep them off the ground. A high perch would be too hard for him to get up and down from. The astro turf helps prevent bumble foot.
We'll keep you updated on everything so stay tuned.

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Dave said...

I called Bird TLC about 4PM today for a update. Cindy tells me he's was starting to wake up. The operation went well. More to come.