Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Black box recovered

Here is the latest Alaska news from The Associated Press
ANCHORAGE (AP) - The ``black box'' from a downed Coast Guard rescue helicopter was recovered yesterday off Unalaska Island.Six members of the Selendang Ayu died when the helicopter crashed into the Bering Sea shortly before the freighter grounded and broke in half December 8.The data recorder was found Tuesday afternoon by hired divers hired near the stern of the freighter's wreckage, according to Petty Officer Sara Francis.Francis says the box and its data would be made available to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the crash.
Also, Smit America salvage company spent most yesterday preparing to remove fuel from the Selendang Ayu. The 738-foot freighter had an estimated 424,000 gallons of intermediate fuel oil and 18,000 gallons of diesel on board when it grounded off Unalaska Island.Salvagers know that one of the ship's fuel tanks is empty. They believe two others may be also be empty, meaning more than three-quarters of the fuel already may be lost.

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