Wednesday, January 19, 2005

BE 05-01 Day 3

He's still looking OK, but not as well as yesterday. He's drinking on his own but needs to be tube feed twice a day. He tried to get some of Cindy's thumb today. He is regurgitating some of the feeding though. He's still on his feet so that's a good sign.

When I went by the center yesterday without my camera (dah), he was facing the door looking real good. Today with camera in hand he would not turn around anymore than what's in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Update: 1/20/05
Thought I'd take Daves advice and actually post something!
The bird is looking better today, seems to be breathing a little easier and isn't regurgitating nearly as much. He is still very weak and lethargic, but the fact he is still alive is a big plus!

Keep your talons crossed!!
Cindy P.

Dave said...

Why thanks for the update on BE 05-01 for 1/20 Cindy.