Saturday, March 12, 2005

How sharp is it?

This Sharp Shinned Hawk flew into a window and shattered her left wing last year. Not much could be done, so we wrapped her wing and hoped for the best. We figured she would be an un-releasable education bird at best once she recovered.

Well, after a few accidental flight test, we might be considering releasing her this summer. The decission has not been made, but it's a possibility. To look at her x-ray you would think there's no way. But let her loose and she makes you think twice. We'll keep you updated on Sharpie.


Cindy P. said...

"Sharpie" has passed her flying tests with the greatest of ease! She is set to be released as soon as the weather is a bit warmer. It's always fun to have such an unexpected success story.

Dave said...

I was wondering the other day if he would get released after seeing his flight test on tape. Great job!