Monday, April 11, 2005

There were three eagles from Seward

These 3 eagles were sent to us from the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward last Thursday. They were found with an extremely upset stomach. We figure they were eating from an old carcase and the meat had turned bad.

Their crops were flushed and blood was taken for testing. They were put on a limited diet and vitamins. They should recover after a short stay and be released back in Seward. Hopefully they are a little more picky about dinner next time.

Bird TLC has taken in 26 eagles so far this year. In 2004 we only had 32 eagles the whole year.


Cindy P. said...

Just an update:
Two of these three birds are doing quite well. The third is not eating yet and bloodwork is showing signs of liver damage. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Dave said...

Thanks for the update Cindy. We'll keep our feathers crossed.

vlad259 said...

Good luck with these three. I hope you don't run out of space, 26 eagels and it's only April!

Dave said...

We're up to 27 now Matt. We are running out of space.