Monday, August 22, 2005

Guess who came to dinner...

... and a little longer. BE 05-46 arrived from Soldotna today. He has something going on in his left shoulder area. Tomorrow he goes in for x-rays to help determine what the problem is. He was on the ground for a while before being found. His keel is a little sharp and his tail feathers are well worn.

If all goes well, maybe Cindy will get me his x-rays to post here.


Cindy P. said...

We got the x-rays on our latest arrival today.

The verdict is a dislocated left shoulder. That's better and worse than a break. A break stands a chance of healing well and it's easy to tell if it's healed. A dislocation often stretches all the tendons and ligaments and creates a forever weak shoulder. Not a good thing if you're an eagle.
We'll keep him in a body wrap for two weeks and see what happens!

Dave said...

Thanks for the update Cindy.