Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gyrfalcon stolen along with vehicle from driveway

HAWK-NAPPING: Pet bird of prey slept in van as both were taken.

A car thief may have made off with more than he bargained for when he drove a Dodge Caravan away from a Chugiak driveway Friday morning.

In the van, behind a backseat, was a young falcon. For full story in the Anchorage Daily News go to

If you have any information about this, contact the Anchorage Police Dept @ 786-8500.


Lori said...

ADN reported today that the falcon was found upside down but alright at Mirror Lake. Is the falcon really ok?

Dave said...

Your right Lori, the van and the gyrfalcon were recovered yesterday thanks to a good citizen and APD. I haven't talked to anyone at Bird TLC about it yet, I was in Seward all day yesterday. Supposedly it tried to fly out of the window but got caught in the seat belt which left it no where to perch. It probably got a little scraped up trying to get right side up again. Thanks for asking.