Sunday, October 09, 2005

Tagged again. Book Meme

Mental note, don't pick on Cindy at WoodSong or she'll tag you again with yet another meme. This one made me think a little bit. I'll get her back. hehe

I've had a lifelong hate / love affair with books. Through my school years I only read what was required of me. I wasn't into reading books until I was well into my adulthood and became a history buff. My son Ryan is the reader of the family. It's seldom that he's not into a book.

This one I'll only guess at. I've been divorced and lost custody of quite a few. I now own about 400 books but have had about 200 more. I've given away some, but most I've kept. I use to collect books about the Vietnam War, but that's behind me now. I'm now into business and the American Civil War.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - by Stephen R. Covey -This is not a book to take every idea word for word. I've read it three times, each time getting more out of it. The main two things it did for me were 1) got me more organized 2) it helped set my personal priorities with my family. Being more organized gives me more time with my family and now I take it.

The Greatest Generation - By Tom Brokaw - Reading this book I learned more about my parents generation. My only regret is that my father passed away before I read it. I called my Mom today like I do every Sunday. She was telling me that she was going through some of my Dad's things and came across an envelope full of two dollar bills. My grandma gave my Dad a two dollar bill for his birthday (except when he was away during WWII) since he was 16. He never spent any money she ever gave him. He just saved it.

At The Altar of Speed - by Lee Montville - I was born a redneck and even though I now live over three thousand miles from there now, I'm still addicted to NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr was my driver of choice even before it was cool to be a fan of his.

The God Father Returns - by Mark Winegardner - the Corleone Family lives. I would never condone this type of violence in real life but in fiction, this is the best. The loyalty that the family has for one another is indescribable. It's a guy thing.

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale - By Zig Ziglar - The bible of salesman of old. However, it's still has a lot of good info for the computer generation. Sometimes I think you need to take a step back and look things over. Most people in upper corporate positions are in their late 50's or older. The young or cockie salesman has no chance.


The Eagle Lady - by Cary Anderson - Recently stolen by my wife Ruth. She's an Alaskan landmark that has been stirring up some controversy lately. The Eagle Lady that is, not Ruthie.


The Eagle Lady. Buy it and not read it?

I'm not tagging anyone. I've noticed that most blogs I visit have been tagged and answered. It took me a few days to answer. I've been busy getting ready for winter and remodeling the spare bedroom into my office.


Cindy said...

LOL, now see, that wasn't too hard was it ;)
re: the controversy over 'Eagle Lady'... that had more to do with unethical photographers than the lady herself didn't it? I read accounts in Alaskan newspapers last year about a certain group of photographers baiting eagles for photos- some of those names were familiar to me (they hold 'photo workshops' in northern Michigan every spring to harass loons on the nest- only next year they'll have the Michigan Loon Protection Association AND Michigan Audubon Society to contend with when they show up) I'll have to pick that one up myself.
Thanks for posting Dave, and I promise not to tag you again (keeps fingers crossed behind back) ;)

Dave said...

That was one of the items. Another is if she's feeding them all the time are they becoming dependent on the free meal? Bird TLC takes no issue with this. I repeat, Bird TLC takes no issue with this. I personally, I repeat, I personally say leave the nice lady alone. Sure they're finding their way to her place for an easy meal. However, if and when she's gone, they'll miss it, but find more chow themselves somewhere's else.

Cindy said...

I agree 100% Dave- eagles are opportunists and will be able to find a meal when/if she stops feeding. I hope they can find a solution that works best for all, especially for the welfare of the eagles.

Dave said...

Thanks Cindy. They have found a solution. The Eagle Lady continues to feed the eagles. I think it's best for her and the birds that she continues with her chosen task. I believe that those who don't agree (I not Bird TLC) should prove to us what they are doing to help mother natures creatures in ways besides running their yaps. If they can prove to me that they have been in the trenches and front lines of helping Ol' Mom Nature out, then I'll shut my yap.

Cindy said...

Well said!
Actions speak louder than words indeed.
OH- I got an email from (let me look in my archives) Lee Mayhan on this very topic back in March of this year. I'd written her regarding an article she'd written in one of the newspapers on the subject of photographers baiting eagles. Hopefully this wasn't directed towards 'the Eagle Lady' as she struck me as one who is in the trenches :)

Dave said...

I do have to be careful of what and how I say somethings. We are a non-profit begging for the cash of everyone. It takes a lot of green to operate a rehab the size of ours and I don't need to tick anyone off who is a supporter or possible supporter of our efforts. That's why I'm making it clear that these are my personal opinions and not those of Bird TLC.