Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting busy

BE 05-49 is here. He came to us from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge with a broken right wing at the elbow. Some amputation was done during intake and more probably after he settles down.

05-599 is a Snowy Owl that came to us from Soldotna. What he was doing there is a mystery to us. That's way off of his normal stomping' grounds. He has a compound fracture of the right midshaft. He's scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I might be able to attend and if so......

More pictures!!!!!!!!!

By the way, BE 05-48 is dong good. He's going through physical therapy. The wing is freeing up and he has more movement.

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Dave said...


Be 05-49 got x-rayed and his wing from the elbow to tip is a mess. First we have to allow it to heal some and then Dr Palmatier can do some more.

Snowy 05-599 was x-rayed. Compound fracture of the right mid-shaft. Dr Palmatier operated on and pinned the mid-shaft back together. Wing to body wrap for 2 weeks then x-ray again.

I'll have x-rays on both later to include my hand (oops). Also, I got complete pictures of the operation. I'll post them to the photo album later today.

Thanks to Cindy and Dr Todd Palmitier for putting up with me.