Sunday, February 12, 2006

A forgotten history

C-141 tail number 66-0177 has carried vital cargo all over the world. However, on Feb. 12, 1973, there was a very special cargo - this was the aircraft that brought the first 40 American POWs from Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, North Vietnam to start Operation Homecoming. 33 years ago today, it became the "Hanoi Taxi".

This proud aircraft will be the last of it's kind when retiring on May 6th bring an end to a an era that can't be brought back. It's been replaced by the more modern C-17.

It's one of my favorite birds. It's on top of my life list.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

I'm sure there's a story about why this is one of your favorite birds, and why it's on top of your life list. Without an explanation, I have a sense that it is a very heartfelt and touching story. I'm glad you posted this.

Dave said...

Hey RD,
I'll have an explanation a little bite closer to May 6th. It's still in progress. The history date had to be noted though.