Friday, March 10, 2006

9 and counting

BE 06-08 & BE 06-09 were admitted yesterday. One has a broken wing and the other is having a toxic reation to something that we don't know what yet. It's also very dehydrated. As you can see in the photo's, the girls are trying to get some fluids in this eagle. As in some humans, the veins are not being cooperative. They can be hard to hold and easy to poke through, all the way.

When they got some fluids in, they then tried to tube feed to get more nutrients into it. Unfortunately it wouldn't stay down. We'll be doing IV's everyday and tube feeding until it eats on its own.

Take a look at the eagles feet in the picture below. Notice how they look thin, dry and lacking color. They are because of a lack of fluid. Chances are because it can't hold anthing down. This one they will be keeping a close eye on for sure.

The crews are hopping and baby bird season is right around the corner.

In the top picture, clockwise starting from the left; Carol Lambert (red hat), great artist, great volunteer and big Bird TLC supporter, Chris Maack, Bird TLC Board President, volunteers in clinic 2 days a week, avid birder, Cindy Palmatier, Rehab Director, back bone of the medical & rehab side of Bird TLC.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

Good luck with those birds. Keep us posted on their progress. Sending them get well wishes.

Home Bird said...

Thank you all for doing what you do.

Pamela said...

Wow! Even sickly, those are pretty impressive feet. I hope the birds do well.

Dave said...

Thanks for your support. Those are pretty impressive feet. For some reason, those guys don't like being restrained. Even with all the training, once in a while someone gets talloned.

Here's a link to one of my post last year telling of what happens when you do everything right and everything still goes wrong.

Cindy P. said...

Some bad news for those of you following BE-05-09. She died in her mew the day after this was posted.

Blood work revealed severe liver damage. Whatever she got into just shut things down and she couldn't recover.

It's always a sad day when we lose one of these guys.

JLLove said...

Sorry you lost her. But at least the attempt was made!

Dave said...

Thanks for the update Cindy. Sorry it wasn't good news. I agree on the sad day.