Saturday, April 22, 2006

I was baching it last week.

Ruth spent most of last week in bush Alaska presenting a Northern Hawk Owl from Bird TLC's Education Program to students, teachers and elders at schools in McGrath, Anvik, Grayling and Nikolai.

Bush Alaska is any wheres where the road system is not. You travel by boat, plane, snowmachine, atv or on foot. Her USF&W pilot Paul, took her from village to village. She then went from the airports to the schools by snowmachine / sled.

The weather is still winter. Similar to what we were having in Anchorage about a month ago. Ruth said she had a blast and enjoyed talking to all of the people in the villages.


Clare said...

Hmm. No roads, travel by snow machine, sounds like my kind of place.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I don't fly, so most of these spectacular off-road places, I'll never get to see. So, it's nice to read about them here.

What an amazing commitment to education.

Dave said...

It probably is Clare, but no B&B as nice as yours.

RD, I'd rather fly in a bush plane than any other kind. Ruthie is committed to the Ed Program and does a great job if I may say so myself.