Wednesday, April 12, 2006

IATB #21

I and the Bird has reached the legal age of 21. Seth at Cup O' Books has poured IATB #21 into a frosted mug and gave us all a toast of some of the best bird writing around. I apologize for not submitting any of my own due to my lately busy schedule.


Mike said...

Just don't let it happen again, Dave!

Britt said...

Dave, You know I'm new to this (so be kind), but what is IATB #21???

Dave said...

Not a problem Mike. I appreciate you letting me slide on this one.

I'm always kind Britt. To quote Mike of 10000 Birds "I and the Bird is a carnival celebrating the interaction of human and avian, an ongoing exploration of the endless fascination with birdlife all around the world. It is also a biweekly showcase of the best bird writing on the web published on alternating Thursdays".

In english, blog writters from all around the word submit their best to the latest host to be published on the host blog. Check out this link to see what we mean. (You'll have to copy and paste to your browser).