Tuesday, May 23, 2006

open wide

Never say never, because you'll be proven wrong. DeAnne Maus did a presentation at our Baby Bird Seminar last month and said we never get any baby ravens. This is number two. It's about 3 weeks old. It's nest was on a tower being torn down in south Anchorage and mom or pop was not around. We're lucky the workers noticed it before it was too late.

It's already stealing the girls hearts at the clinic. I don't get it though. All it does is eat and then takes a nap. I try that and I get in trouble.

I guess it's a baby raven world right now.


Duncan said...

A prophet has no honour in his own land, eh Dave?

Clare said...

Come now Dave, you know that Ravens are kings when it comes to charm.

Dave said...

Well we know Ravens are ranked high spiritly in native culture and also around the rest of the world where they are found, both good and not so good. I believe in the good part. I've also written about them many times here as well has Clare. He even has the pleasure of one visiting him at his house. A wise man knows when to take a seat and go for the ride. Like all of our young ones, they grow up and leave the nest (hopefully). Us older fellows are here to stay.

robin andrea said...

What a cute baby raven. And that behavior does have a certain sweetheart charm when babies do it!

Cindy said...

I've had a love for ravens since childhood.. what a gift to see such a precious chick so closely. Aren't there laws on the books for tearing down structures with active nests? If not there should be :(

as always, an enjoyable post Dave.

Dave said...

Cindy - This came about accidently. I'm told that they didn't know about the nest until too late. There are laws on the books to protect nest, however I'm not up to date enough to quote them.

RD - I don't have the sweetheart charm of a baby raven? I'm not sure how to take that. ;)