Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Double duty in Eagle River

Saturday was a busy day. Kelly, Chris, Ellen and myself were at the 25th Annual Scottish Highland Games in Eagle River. The Highland Games is a celebration of Scottish culture and includes athletics, music, dance, food, crafts, and historical reenactment. The weather was great and so were our host and the people who attended. This is a first for us to attend, but I'll bet we're invited back next year.

Falconry has long been regarded as the Sport of Kings, and the falcon has been the symbol of high birth and luxury. Chris presented the Merlin and Ellen presented the Rough-Legged Hawk. Kelly, an experienced falconer, discussed falconry of yesterday and today.

From there Kelly and I went to the Eagle River Campground where we met up with members of the Alaska Wildland Adventures group. Here Kelly presented the Great Gray Owl for visitors from the lower 48. There we also had great weather and a very curious audience.

I enjoy presentations from all three of todays presenters. They are a few of Bird TLC's most experienced volunteers. They are very knowledgable of the birds they present and do a very informative presentation that's very educational and exciting.


robin andrea said...

Sounds like a great, educational time for everyone. I notice that everyone is wearing parkas and jackets. What are the temps like there these days?

Dave said...

The vest the presenters are wearing are Bird TLC vest. They have our logo and stuff on them. A lot of visitors wear jackets and parkas when they visit us. The temps were in the upper 50°'s that day. I was wearing my Bird TLC "T" shirt and had shorts in my truck, but didn't get to change.

Clare said...

Occh mon. Any fool can toss a caber, now catching them, that takes an athlete.

Love the highland games. I have a hard time not bringing out all of my kilt jokes though.

Dave said...

We saw some interesting outfits there for sure. It was a lot of fun though.

Anonymous said...

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