Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hi Red

We have a Red Tailed Hawk visiting right now that came to us from Tok, Alaska. It has a fractured right wing that has already started to heal when it came to us. Fortunately, it was already set (by itself or Mother Nature) and is pretty close to being set properly. So all we are doing is wrapping the wing to keep it inmobile and hopefully it doesn't damage it more while it's with us. We're also making sure it's feed and watered regularly.

We don't get many Red Tails. They do go as far north as Fairbanks, but like a more open area and less populated also. We no longer have one in our education program either. Raider was our last one, he had been with us for quite a while. He passed away about a year ago from aspergillosis.

With a little luck this Red Tail will be releasable. We'll know after we can flight test it.


Susan Gets Native said...

Wow...he's so dark! I've read that the western race is darker than ours, but I haven't really seen one like this. And you'd think that the ones in Alaska would be much lighter.
He's a beauty!
We have some feisty RT's if you want to trade one of your eagles!
BTW: How in the heck do you hold a bald eagle on the glove without your arm falling off? Our turkey vulture is 3 pounds and she just about kills me.
I've heard of some center that has a golden eagle (10 pounds!) and they use a makeshift crutch under their arms!

Dave said...

I knew I would be hearing from you on this Red Tail, Susan. I don't know why it is, I just knowit is.

All but one of our eagle handlers are female and small or should I say petete. To me it looks like they should tip over. They do use a arm prop and I'll send a picture as soon as I find one. Mary Bethe presents a 9 lb Golden Eagle and she must weigh about 130 lb soaken wet.

If your org has the proper permits, we do have bald eagles available for placement. They are non-releasable for different reasons. Contact Cindy Palmatier, Rehabilitation Director, at rehab@birdtlc dot net.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Dave!
I will ask our board about an eagle.
Wouldn't that be wild????