Sunday, October 22, 2006


The mew is done. Totally complete inside and out except for having a resident. That will come in a little while. Here's the spec's

12 foot long and 6 foot wide, 6 foot tall on the low end and 7 foot on the tall. The roof is 1/2 clear PVC and half tinted. All wood is pretreated except for the douglas fur panels. There's 3 inches of pea gravel for the flooring. Inside there's also a 65W halogen light with reflector. On the outside there is a motion light. HD astro turf is used on the perches.

I learned a lot. I have repaired mews but have never built one. I'm not a carpenter. I'm an aircraft mechanic turned salesman. I've changed jet engines in 100° weather and snow storms. I've recovered down aircraft. This past week I built a mew.

I did make a few mistakes. You'll have to find them though, because I'm not telling you what they are. If there's a next one, it will be when there is no rush. But I did beat the first snow.

I now must start my training with the Snowy. I can now do it without the rush a building a mew.


LauraHinNJ said...

Looks good to me, Dave.

This is connected to your house? With neighbors nearby? Is that what the motion detector is for? Or for predators?

I like the way the sun comes through the slats on that one end.

You must be very excited. How long before the snowy checks out its new place?

Duncan said...

Well done Dave, looking forward to the next exciting installment!

Susan Gets Native said...

Hooray! Bring on the owl!

Dave said...

Laura - the snowy will be here within the next couple of weeks. I start training with the Snowy with my mentor Cindy during my lunch hour on Wednesday. The mew is attached to a shed in the backyard. The motion light is for me. It's nice to have a third hand to turn the light on sometimes.

Duncan - next installment coming up. Thanks!

Susan - I'm ready for it too.

Clare said...

Hey Dave,

It looks pretty good from here. And what mistakes? They're just Phoenician Flaws, made on purpose to keep perfection at bay.

Britt said...

Awesome Dave! :)

John said...

This is an anonymous comments.

So the wife finally kicked you out of the house.

I'm concerned that with you living in the new addition that your neighbors may become rather hostile since your presence there will surely deflate the land values in the surrounding area.

Yours truly,

juan gomez

Dave said...

Thanks John. By the way, my inside bird likes your pictures. They line the bottom of it's cage.

John said...

Oh, you mean the shot of you taken the night of Owl-O-Ween! Yup that one would scare it out of anyone!