Sunday, October 29, 2006


This years Owl-O-Ween had a great turn out. We had 6 different types of owls being presented and Bird TLC was open to the public. An estimated 200+ people and 2 moose came to visit us.

We had kids of all ages. We invited people and businesses from the TLC neighborhood and a lot of our regular supporters.

We light the place up right with the help of Barbara Fleming. We even had the approval of a momma moose and her calf. Yours truely even did Mew Yard tours in costume.

Thanks to John Gomes and Britt Coon for the images. Check out more pic's.


Duncan said...

wouldn't care to meet that character on a gloomy Alaskan night!

Susan Gets Native said...

I love moose.
Sounds like a fun time. I might have to steal your idea for our facility.

Clare said...

What? That costume didn't scare away the moose?

Dave said...

Duncan - me either. hehe

Susan - It was a fun time. Since you're a rehab friend about 2200 miles away, you can borrow the idea.

Clare _ I didn't even see the moose. I was too busy talking away in the mew yard.

Cindy said...

boy have I missedd your blog Dave.. and it looks like I missed a howling good time!! Ya'll have such a good time while doing what you do, my kinda bird peeps :)

Cindy (who doesn't have a blogger acct.. BOO!)

Dave said...

Good to see you Cindy. It's been a while.

robin andrea said...

Hey, you get moose on Halloween! Who would have ever guessed they celebrated that holiday. I learn something new everyday. Fantastic!

Dave said...

Robin - Moose also love to eat pumpkin.