Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snowy mew day 1

Day one started at 10:30 AM and it was +33°F.

I decided on this spot because it seemed the most quiet of the few I had to chose from. One wall as you can see is going to be of the existing wall of our shed. The raspberry bushes were removed.

It felt like it was raining for a while. When the temperatures raised, the frost from the night before rained down on me from off the roof. The warmest it got was +49°.

I stayed at it until 7:30 PM tonight. I ran out of light and the batteries for my saw and drill needed recharging. So did I.

I am actually a little farther along then the pic's show. The back wall is in place and two rafters connect the middle and end post together.

More tomorrow.


Britt said...

I woke up this am and looked outside and the way the light was casting on our lawn, it looked like it had snowed last night. But after a few minutes (being groggy and all), I realized it was just a hard frost. So you lucked out weatherwise and it looks like you made huge progress today! Good luck with your project and it's so cool you will get to work with the snowy! :)

robin andrea said...

What a great labor of love, dave. That snowy is really a very lucky owl.

Susan Gets Native said...

I have never wished harm to any lemmings, but I am actually hoping for a bad lemming year soon so I can MAYBE get to see a snowy here!!!!

Dave said...

Britt - Thanks for the support and it is way cool.

Robin - Thanks, but I'm the one that feels lucky.

Susan - so your anti-lemming? hehe. Pack the kids and hubby up and come on to Alaska.