Saturday, November 18, 2006

BE 06-41 Surgery

Dr Todd Palmatier spent about 1.5 hours in surgery with BE 06-41 inserting internal and external pins for the two broken bones. Well know in about 2-3 weeks if it's going to heal well. It looks good now and we have our feathers crossed. There's more photo's here.


robin andrea said...

What a long and amazing surgery. Interesting way to present it, dave. I like it.

I just read a few back posts, and was fascinated by the golden eagle story. So sad to see that he didn't survive. He looked pretty good sitting up. I guess those quills really got the better of him.

Also amazing to think that an eagle could even survive a battle with a small plane.

You do see some incredible things, and I am so grateful that you show them to us;

Susan Gets Native said...

Cool pics, Dave!
I may just have to go investigate PhotoBucket.

Dave said...

Thanks Robin. We got some good people in our organization for sure.

Check it out Susan. They have some neat stuff.