Friday, November 24, 2006

Good Bird

A Thanksgiving meal made for a Snowy Owl. "Ghost" had a lot to be thankful for, 6 large mice and a chick. I got his attention when I went into his mew. I don't think he went to bed hungry.

Today it's back to training.

There was one bird that didn't make it though.


Susan Gets Native said...

Well, you can't save them all, right?
Looks like the turkey was good, considering how little is left!

And a yummy dinner for Ghost...Did you actually serve him his meal on a plate?

LauraHinNJ said...

You starlted me with that, but thanks for the laugh. Looks like it was a happy day for all (but the rats).

Duncan said...

What a feed for an owl, glad I'm not an
Alaskan mouse!

Dave said...

Susan - Turkey Was good even if I must say so myself. I feed Gost by hand, just carry out in dish.

Laura - mice, not rats. He makes to much of a mess with rats.

Duncan - Minnesota mice. We buy them in bulk frozen along with rats and quail for our other raptors. I doubt if Ghost knows where they come from though.

LauraHinNJ said...

I don't really want to ask this, but can't seem to help myself.... why is there more of a mess with rats? Just that they're bigger?