Friday, December 08, 2006

No Beauty at Bird TLC

BE 05-19 was was taken to the airport this morning and is being sent to Birds of Prey, Northwest in St Maries, Idaho. While there, they are going to try and fit her with a prosthetic device to use as a upper beak. Bird TLC had the pleasure of having Jane Fink Cantwell, Raptor Biologist, and Linda visiting for most of this week to get use to her and learning how we feed her, treat her, etc.

These ladies saw the love the volunteers at Bird TLC have for this bird and I believe they have that love also. We at Bird TLC went as far as we could with her rehabilitation. In Idaho they have more resources to pull from to do this kind of work. We wish them the best of luck that this great bird and these fine people deserve. I hope to see them at an education presentation sometime in the future.

There were a lot of wet eyes at Bird TLC when everyone said goodbye to "Beauty", but they were tears of joy.

Also, long time volunteer Char's (on right) last day at the clinic was today. She's moving to New Zealand in a few weeks. Her nice personality and sense of humor will be missed. Isn't she cute? Your welcome Char.


robin andrea said...

I hope Beauty does well in her new home, and that the folks in Idaho will keep you posted on her progress. Maybe they'll even send photos of her with her prosthetic device.

Susan Gets Native said...

Unbelievable! How DID you feed her?

I hope they send pictures of her progress so you can share!

Dave said...

Robin - I bet she will. They said they would. I have their numbers and stuff.

Susan - we fed her small one inch square cubes of salmon with tongs. I sent a cooler full of salmon down with her.