Friday, December 22, 2006


Let's see if I can get this straight without loosing you. Cindy was expecting a Bald Eagle in from Seward. They left about 2pm, it's usually about a 3 hour drive, it snowed a lot yesterday so the roads weren't in the best of shape. I got a call at 5 from her asking me to pick up a Pine Grosbeak that was sent in from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. No problem, just got off work.

Traffic was a little heavy due to it being 5PM and Friday before the big holiday. I picked up the PG and took it to the clinic where there was bizzzzy Cindy and no Eagle from Seward. She said " I'm suppose to be at Pet Stop so we can operate on yesterdays Eagle (BE 06-44 at left), but our Seward Eagle hasn't shown yet. No telling how long it's going to be and I have no way to contact them." OK, load Eagle in my truck and off to Pet Stop 44 and I go.

I arrive at Pet Stop where Dr Todd Palmatier, Greg & Laura is expecting Cindy with an Eagle, I open the door, stick my head in and in my usual smart way, I asked "Anyone order an Eagle?" Greg and I take the Eagle inside, I get 44 from his kennel and we prep him for his operation. With 4 of us there it's a little crowded, so I decide to leave. I call Cindy,who btw, is learning to hate cell phones. The Eagle from Seward arrived, she put it away in a mew and is taking off for Pet Stop. She said she would be back there later to water and feed when they bring 44 back.

I figured I help out so I returned to Bird TLC, examined the PG and put it away in a cage in the Baby Bird Room with ample food and water. Then I returned to BE 06-45 and got him watered and a plate of fresh salmon. No exam, that takes more than one person. Cindy had did a small exam earlier but would do a more in depth one when she and Todd returned to the clinic after 44's operation. I prepared a mew for 44's return and then it was time to go home. All Cindy and Todd had left was to put 44 away in a mew, examine 45, check on the PG and then go home.

My night got busy fast, Cindy and Todds night got long, but not as long as it could have been and Greg and Laura got to see and assist an operation on 44. Did I loose you any where's?


Duncan said...

Sounds like the typical last minute rush before Christmas, Dave, I remember it well when I was at work. I'd be working overtime while everyone else had knocked off! Best wishes to you all for Christmas and New Year.

robin andrea said...

That's the kind of busy, rushing around on a Friday at 5:00 before a long weekend that really has meaning. Those eagles and pine grosbeak certainly got their Christmas presents early.

Wishing you, your family, and all your friends at the clinic the happiest of holidays.

Dave said...

It was like mad Christmas shopping at the last minute in a way. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Happy Holidays.

Cindy P. said...

A HUGE thanks to Dave for racing around and helping me get where I needed to be and the birds all sorted out. Bird TLC would be sunk without Dave and our other volunteers!!

Thanks, guys!!!