Thursday, December 21, 2006


We got over 8 inches of snow last night and it's still coming down. The wind has picked up also. It's +20°F with 15 mph winds making a +6° windchill. I think we are going to have an Alaskan winter this year. That's something we haven't had in a few years. Christmas is definitely going to be white also.

I've been busy at the job that keeps the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on the table. I haven't had time to check out things at the clinic. Cindy tells me things are a little quiet.

Ghost is back to eating, however he doesn't like the winds tonight. We have also resumed our training. I'm coming along well but he has a little catching up to do. He'll get me for that one.

Check out "Tundra". I stole his comic strip from the other week.


Susan Gets Native said...

I wouldn't mind getting a bit of that white stuff down here, Dave. Today in lovely southwestern Ohio, it was 56 degrees and raining heavily all day.
Could you box up some and ship it down here?

(Love the comic!)

Dave said...

Susan - beware of UPS guy wearing shorts carrying large brown box that's wet on bottom.