Friday, January 19, 2007

Christmas Gifts in use

Dr Mike Riddle, assisted by Gina, are trying out the new to us equipment donated by The Pet Stop.
Please bear with my lack of posting. My ISP has been having some major issues this past week. I'm changing providers, but that won't take effect until Wednesday. Also, I haven't been to many blogs for them same reason.


Susan Gets Native said...

We are looking forward to some new equipment, too.
We are tired of always sending euthanasia cases to our vets, so we are getting a CO2 machine. Weird to be excited about that???

Get that dial up out of your life, Dave. It's cramping your style.

Dave said...

Sure makes the job easier. We seldom use CO2 for that, fatal plus is the death weapon. Too familiar with that.

I don't have dial up by choice Susan. It will all be good this Wednesday.

LauraHinNJ said...

Miss you!

Dave said...

My favorite gal in NJ.