Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Raven from Dillingham

This young Raven came to us from Dillingham. U.S.F. & W sent it to us after he was easily caught because of the injury that is obvious in the photo at left. We don't know how it became injured, it was an old injury on a young bird.

We started it on a antibiotic, cleaned up the old wound and placed a topical cream on it. It now gets physical therapy everyday so that elbow gets plenty of exercise. It's a pretty easy going Raven, taking it all in stride. Waiting for the day it'll be released.


Susan Gets Native said...

Quote the Raven...Nevermore.

Poor guy...don't you wish they could TALK? What stories these birds could tell.

robin andrea said...

Look at those eyes. What a sad, little beauty, but definitely a lucky bird to find its way to the clinic.

Dave said...

Susan - They do talk. I just don't speak Raven.

Robin - He'll be more lucky in a few months when he's back on his own.