Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eww, POX

It was a little tough trying to get this immature to pose so I could get a good shot of his disease. I'm sure it's not as tough as what he has to deal with. Avian Pox. It can be deadly to the bird, however it can be treated also.

I can go into detail here, but the University of Northern British Columbia has done a great job of it so I'll just give you a link to it. This bird went into surgery last night to have the lesions removed. I'll have an update for you later on it's condition and maybe some pictures of the procedure.

It is highly contagious to other eagles, so quarantine procedures are being taken.


LauraHinNJ said...

Oh goodness - I've heard of that, but hadn't ever seen pics.

Once it's treated, will the bird be able to feed regularly? Do the lesions go away or is there permanent damage?

*Healing* vibes for this eagle.

Duncan said...

What a horrible disease, where are all these things coming from. The Tasmanian Devils are being wiped out by another shocker.

Susan Gets Native said...

I've seen pictures of small birds with little lumps, but nothing like that!
Heal, you young whippersnapper eagle.