Friday, March 30, 2007

Ghost and my first outing

It's offical. Ghost and I had our first presentation last night. A room full of well behaved and very interested Cub Scouts from Pack 11. Ghost was on his best behavior and he did a great job. Extra mice for everyone!


robin andrea said...

Congrats to you and Ghost. I hope everyone enjoyed the presentation, and the mice!

LauraHinNJ said...

Who was more nervous, you or ghost?



Susan Gets Native said...

Behaved Cub Scouts?
I have never heard of such an animal.

Duncan said...

Good on you Dave, did you let him perch on your head as part of the presentation? ;-)

sassycassie said...

Congrats dad! I'm glad you had fun..

Dave said...

Thanks Robin!

Laura - I was a typical salesman. As soon as I started talking, I was fine.

Susan - they are a rare breed.

Careful Duncan - I've warned Ghost about you. :)

Thanks Sassie Cassie!