Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BE 07-16 update

BE 07-16 is eating on his own now. He's still unable to stand unassisted because of his injuries. His right leg fracture was repaired with stainless steel pins.

Here clinic volunteer Stewart gives him a baytril shot while Cindy restrains him.


robin andrea said...

Look at the beautiful care that bird is receiving. He may not know what happened to him, and how he arrived to be in such a place, cared for by these humans, but on some level he must be pretty happy about it.

LauraHinNJ said...

And I thought giving Baytril shots to bunnies was hard! Just look at those talons!

Susan Gets Native said...

Go, BE 07-16!
Get better, and get OUT of there!

Dave said...

Robin - it's funny that you say that. I've noticed with him times that he's on guard and times he's letting us do what he knows is good for him. He knows we're not out to hurt him.

Laura - your right. I rather be taloned by a bunny.

Susan - you tell him.

Cindy P. said...

UPDATE! BE-07-16 tried to stand and walk into the next mew today! He got a little help with holding his wings steady for balance, but he tried.

He was very cooperative, didn't even bite me!

Cindy P.

Dave said...

That's awesome Cindy! Thanks for the update.