Saturday, April 28, 2007

Trip to McGrath

Ghost and I made our first out of town over nighter this past Friday and Saturday. We went to McGrath, Alaska. It's 418 air miles from Anchorage. I say air miles because there are no roads that connect Anchorage and McGrath. We flew on PenAir. They have fantastic customer service. They treated Ghost and I very well. They also donate cargo space to injured birds being sent to Bird TLC.

We were hosted by Clara Demientieff of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. She took excellent care of us. She took the pictures with my camera for me. USF&W put us up in their bunk house stocked with food and gave us a vehicle to use. She took us on the quick tour because the plane was late arriving and we were a little behind schedule. We did 4 presenations at the school that afternoon and came back at 7 PM and did another.

Both Ghost and I had a great time and I hope the kids, students, teachers and all others enjoyed it also. Ghost even cast a pellet for the middle school group.

Check out the pictures above and also check out the ones in our Photobucket Album.


Susan Gets Native said...

Our peregrine, for some unknown reason, has started casting pellets during presentations.
Maybe I just smell bad?

robin andrea said...

Hey Dave, you and Ghost are quite the pair. How cool that you travel together to do presentations. What a great way to educate the general public.

Dave said...

Susan - I think Ghost just like sharing. :)

Robin - Thanks! We're having fun.

LauraHinNJ said...

Cool that you're both jet-setting around the country together!


Dave said...

Laura - it is cool but we won't leave Alaska. Too much paperwork from the feds. Besides, Alaska is over 2/3 the size of the lower 48. We have a lot of places to go up here still.