Monday, May 21, 2007

Off to Moose Pass

We went to Moose Pass on Sunday for a presentation at Trail Lake Lodge. Ruth and I went there almost 2 years ago to the date. Check out the post. However, last time Ruth was presenting with a Rough-Legged Hawk. This time she played photographer.

Ghost did a fine job of allowing everyone to be informed of his species. I do belive he's accepting doing presentations well.

We meet a lot of birders from around North America. There were folks from Canada, Oklahoma, Long Island, Maryland, you name it in this group.

Paul has a first class operation at the Trail Lake Lodge. If you make it to Moose Pass, Alaska, you have to check it out.

Photo's by Ruth Dorsey / Bird TLC


robin andrea said...

You and Ghost are quite a pair. Someday, I'd love to hear what it's like to have such a nice close bond with a Snowy owl, to have it comfortably perched on your arm, and to be able to read its moods.

Dave said...

We are having fun for sure.