Sunday, August 19, 2007

2 X 2

Northern Goshawks and Great Gray Owls are fairly common in Alaska. We don't get a lot of them in the clinic. But right now we have 2 of each and all were hit by a car.

We've gotten in the habit of when we see road kill close to the road, we stop and throw it farther from the road. Why you ask. Because all raptors are opportunist, they will eat from the carcase of road kill. If that road kill is too close to the road and a car comes along, the bird doesn't have time to escape from the vehicle path. Then it's next meal is from Bird TLC.

You'll get some strange looks sometimes, but you'll get back in your car with a smile on your face.


Duncan said...

Way to go Dave, the same thing happens over here, and not many people will lift the foot to let a bird get off the road.

robin andrea said...

Fortunately we don't see many roadkills, but when we do, I'll remember this very good advice.

vlad259 said...

That's a really good tip Dave, nice one.

I liked the story of the Raven visitors too!

Cheers, Matt