Friday, December 21, 2007

Update on One Wing

I get asked often about One Wing and how's he doing since he lost Ol' Witch, his mate of almost 20 years. As you can see he's doing fine. He's still eating like a 35ish Bald Eagle with one wing. He calls at everyone that walks near his mew and he gives extra loud calls to those of us who enter his mew and want to get too close to him.

He has put in a special request to Jackie Purcell of Channel 2 weather to help and get the temperture up just a little. We do have a heat lamp in there to help him with the cold. Only having one wing makes a little harder to stay warm, specially at his age.

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Susan Gets Native said...

I get lost looking at eagles. Such striking birds. And such a wimpy sound coming from our national symbol...I do a "quiz" when I do programs: I play the red-tailed hawk call and everyone says it's a bald eagle. Fun.
One Wing is beautiful and I love him. Stay warm, you old codger!
*I meant the bird, not you, Dave.*

Dave said...

Susan - he is handsome you young whipper snapper. :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I love that closeup of his face. Good looking bird!

Meggie said...

One Wing is a lucky bird to have been rescued. I'm sure he misses his mate. Do you know how he broke/lost his wing? I read some earlier posts and it didn't say...or not the posts I read. He sure is a handsome fellow, even with only one wing.

Dave said...

Meggie - He lost his wing due to injuries during the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster. Here are some links to previous post that can tell you more.

You'll have to do the copy and paste thing.

Meggie said...

Wow! I just now sat down to copy and paste all the sites you sent me about One Wing. His story is a real tear jerker. Would he take a new mate if one came to the center? I guess it's hard to tell. I had a pair of geese once and the male got killed. The honking of the female was so sad. Thanks so much for the info and the wonderful work you do. The story about your neighbor fixing the floor was a good one.