Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dances with wolves

Business goes on even with our 28 visitors occupying most of everyones time. I stopped by during my lunch break at the real job and they brought in two birds during that time. One was a bohemian waxwing, we got a handful of them right now. The other was a bald eagle brought in by Shannon of the Alaska Zoo.

It seems this very young bald decided to play in the recently opened wolf pen. These 6 wolves came to the zoo this past May as part of the wolf reduction program near McGrath. They easily became a popular item at the zoo.

Even though the pups probably enjoyed the young balds visit, being wolves they don't know how to play gently with feathers. This guy didn't receive any bodily injuries, however it did loose a mouthful of primary feathers. When he got to TLC he had already visited the Alaska Zoo DVM, so he got an outdoor mew and a portion of salmon.

Megan's dog Tank wasn't very impressed, but was thankful that there was other interesting news besides our visitors from Kodiak. Today the second group spent several hours outside getting acclimated. The temperature averaged around 7°F. Their progress continues to improve.


Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow glad that young bald was o.k. after he played with the wolves...quite a story but I guess you get lots of interesting stories there. Cheers. Good work on all the slimed eagles.

Dave said...

Me too. It will have to spend time with us until it growes some primary feathers back. Thanks!