Friday, January 04, 2008

New Snowy Owl presenter

Lisa Pajot checked off on Anna the Snowy Owl today. Lisa did a presentation in front of members of the Education Committee, Karen and Mary Bethe, Cindy our Rehab Director and Chris and myself, two members/ presenters. She demonstrated that she could safely present the sometimes aggressive female Snowy Owl and had good knowledge of the species.

Lisa already presents / caretakes a Magpie and a Great Horned Owl for Bird TLC. In 2006 she did 52 presentations, the most of any volunteer at Bird TLC.

Congratulations Lisa!


Meggie said...

Thank heaven for such knowledgeable folks to teach people like me. Looks like you have some good people at the treatment center.

Dave said...

Meggie - we have some awesome people at TLC. Thanks for your comments.