Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One more time

Last week we were sent back one of the birds that was here for the Ocean Beauty mishap. He was found on the ground and was very emanciated. He seems to be doing fine now and is also eating just fine. We know this has been a tough winter on eagles, but he was sent back when the temperatures were a little on the warmer side. We're keeping an eye on him and running a few blood test. We'll see what happens.


Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Oh, gosh, you've done so much to help, I hope he'll be ok, best of luck!! You guys are great!!

Meggie said...

Too bad animals can't talk to tell us what is wrong with them. That's why I think vets are remarkable doctors. Hope the eagle continues to do well. Perhaps he just wanted a ride back to Anchorage to say hello and thanks for all your help?

Dave said...

Aunt B - Thanks!

Meggie - We would of rather he sent a letter. :)