Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The sky is falling!

The first picture was taken at the Bird TLC Flight Center in Januray this year. The second one was taken on this past Sunday. I got a call from Linda Tidwell, one of the caretakers at the flight center. She was telling me how the snow was weighing the netting down and asking if I could come help out. I grabed Ruth and off we went. We met up with Linda and her dad Warren and we had 3 hours of hard work knocking the snow down.

The problem was how wet the snow was. It attached to the netting like a magnet. That in itself weighed the netting down, but as the snow melted it got heavier and heavier. The snow wouldn't fall by itself, it needed some coaxing, and coaxing it got.

We used brooms, nets, just about anything that was light enough to hold in the air for a while. It took about one hour per cell. The snow was so thick it was blocking out the light. We all were soaked by the time we finished. If Linda didn't catch it when she did, the netting probably would have given way by the same time on Monday.

There was some damage done. We'll take care of it when the weather allows. The place needs to thaw out real good first.


Susan Gets Native said...

When are you Alaskans going to get it through your thick, frozen skulls that SPRING has arrived?

Dave said...

Susan - As soon as my thick skull thaws out I guess. :)

Meggie said...

Glad the damage wasn't worse. Hope you guys thaw out real soon.