Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Request from Megan

Mt. Ash Berries needed!

Now is a good time to start collecting and harvesting the Mountain Ash berries for our feathered friends this coming winter, especially the wax wings. And last winter I believe that we ran out of the berries. So if anybody is out and about and wants to pick some and bring them in, we would be much obliged.



Susan Gets Native said...

Shoot. I wish I had some!
Hope you get in bushels and bushels of 'em!

tania said...

where do I bring them once I pick them? from Tania aka Snow white..I love all the animlas and birds adn will help gather some at freidns places ..just let m eknow where and when.

Dave said...

Tania, pick them and bag them in gallon zip lock bags and take them to

Bird Treatment and Learning Center
6132 Nielson Way
Anchorage, Alaska 99518