Monday, October 13, 2008

Volunteer Orientation

We have a Volunteer Orientation about once every October. It's aimed mainly at volunteers who are interested in presenting the Bird TLC Education Birds. A lot of people see us out in the public presenting these birds, but they don't realize what all is involved. So they get to spend about 6 hours getting a thorough orientation tell them all the good and bad things involved.

Each of our Ed Birds are required by U.S.F.& be shown at 12 presentations per year. Bird TLC requires every Education Presenter to present 12 times a year. Each bird could have several presenters, but most have just one. Last year Ghost and I did 60 presentations together. It would be nice to have another presenter checked off on him to help carry the load.

Each presenter in training is mentored by another presenter that has been checked off on that species and has some good presenting experience and bird handling under their belt. I was mentored by Cindy and after 2 years of presenting Ghost, she still gives me some good pointers.

Depending on the person and the bird, it usually takes 3 to 6 months before they are ready to be checked off as a presenter. Large raptors like eagles could take longer. Bird TLC requires eagle presenters in training to take and pass the Alaska Falconry Exam.

Expenses will include buying your own glove, transportation expenses, and leashes. Some presenters help the presenter / caretaker pay for food for the bird, but that is up to the individuals.

Dedication is the key. It all looks like fun and it is, but first the person must be trained with bird handling and the background of the species being presented.

Good luck everyone and I hope to see you presenting soon!

Photo Credit: Dick Williams / Bird TLC


Shellmo said...

Dave - I loved seeing the happy faces of all these people handling the birds - you can tell they love them!!

P.S. Can I 'adopt' (in the financial sense) a specific "eagle" - I would like to send another donation to help a particular bird.

Dave said...

Shelly - Please email me at Thanks!

Susan Gets Native said...

You're right about the fun part, Dave. And the work involved. Every bird has its quirks and its own necessary handling techniques.
I still have to pinch myself, thinking that I have 10 special birds at my disposal. We are lucky to work with such beautiful creatures, aren't we?

Oh, yeah. Don't forget the COOLNESS factor. That's important.
: )

Owlman said...

Super cool and you gusy are VERY lucky. It involves a lot of work no doubt, but the time spent with these AMAZING creatures is priceless.

Meggie said...

Thank heaven for such dedicated folks!

nancy said...

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