Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have a new eagle presenter

Long time Bird TLC volunteer Lisa Pajot checked off on presenting with Petra our Bird TLC Education Bald Eagle. Lisa will be taking the place of Todd Boren who is leaving with the Air Force for England. Lisa has checked off on several birds through the years to include magpie, great horned owl, snowy owl and the short eared owl.

To become a eagle presenter with Bird TLC doesn't happen over night. The requirements are that you check off on 2 raptors, pass the Alaska Falconers Exam and then pass all of the handling requirements of presenting an eagle. Lisa did all those just fine.

Both Lisa and Petra are great representatives of Bird TLC. I can't wait to see them in action together.

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Susan Gets Native said...

Wow. It amazes me how thorough you guys are with your presenters.
I had to check off on ALL of our birds, but there was no passing of any falconer's exams.

But I wouldn't mind jumping through hoops (on fire, no less) to be able to handle a bald eagle. Tell me, is that an Alaskan rule, a US rule or a TLC rule?

Dave said...

Susan - It's a TLC rule. They represent us when they go out into the public and we expect nothing less than professionalism. Head on up north here and let's bet a bald on your fist. :)