Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New presenters

Bird TLC has a couple new presenters in it's education program. Patrica checked off on the rough-legged hawk and Beki checked off on the snowy owl. Both gals will make awesome representatives of Bird TLC

One of many things that TLC never has enough of is presenters. You just don't become one. There's a process that sometimes can be a little demanding, but it's necessary for the bird to be presented properly, handled properly and the presenter must know what to do if something goes wrong.

Beki has now been out on her 2 presentations that she must be observed by a veteran presenter. She's now good to go out on presentations on her own. I was fortunate to be her mentor with "Ghost" the snowy owl. She's excited about being a presenter with him ans she was a easily trained student.

Patrica still needs to do her 2 observed presentations but I'm sure she'll do fine on them. Ellen was her mentor with "Jasper" the rough-legged hawk.

I'm excited to see these ladies on board and look forward to seeing their presentations out in the field.


Susan Gets Native said...

As I train others to help me with presentations, I realize just how much trust RAPTOR must have in me to take these precious birds out in public. It's huge and humbling to work with birds of prey. They rock. And they know they're cool.


"Jasper" is a great name.

Cindy P. said...

Congratulations ladies!

Meggie said...

So nice to see young folks being involved in such a worthy activity. Congrats ladies!