Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A slight mishap at the Palmer Airport brings this Rough-Legged Hawk to visit us for a little while. I won't get into the embarrassing situation, but in the long run all will turn out well in the end.

This RLH might not think so right now. It has its right wing in a wing wrap until it heals. It also has a tail guard on to protect its tail from damage while in rehab. Its tail is very important for its maneuvering during hunting. Think of it like a rudder on a plane. Any how all this stuff makes for a clumsy RLH. Patience is a virtue.


dAwN said...

I clicked on the photo to make it larger..It doesnt look like that hawk is very happy with you.
Hope it heals quickly.

Dave said...

It's not Dawn, but oh well. I hope so tooooo!

Meggie said...

Too bad birds don't speak human. I'm not sure it would help much in this case, he is one angry bird! Oh well, he'll get over it.