Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sad news and good news

We lost both the golden and the immature bald eagles this morning. On the bright side, they are in a place where they feel much better and get to fly with many great birds.

We received another electrocution bird about a month back. It will have some permanent injuries, but they might not keep it from being released. Britt and I took him to the flight center the other day and he flew right out of the kennel. He did land in a large slush puddle, so he headed to perch to dry off.

Photo Credit: Britt Coon / Bird TLC


Bird Advocate said...

I suppose I don't have to tell you I am very disturbed at hearing this. My reaction as of now is grief that I'm sure you all feel, and in resolve in assuring you get more support in all your efforts.

Meggie said...

Sorry to hear that you lost both birds. I guess accepting the reality of not being able to save all your patients comes with the job. Here's hoping the new feathered guy will have a better outcome.