Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daryl & Phoenix the Osprey

Yesterday, Daryl checked off on Phoenix the osprey. Phoenix came to Bird TLC last summer after its nest was caught in a fire. His other sibling in the nest survived without injury. Unfortunately Phoenix had bad burns to his legs and a broken wing. The other was placed in a foster nest. Phoenix was never able to recover enough to be released, so he became part of Bird TLC's Education Program.

Daryl came to Bird TLC after retiring from the National Park Service. He has been a welcomed asset to TLC with volunteering several days a week in the clinic, out at the flight center, picking up birds at the airport and helping with maintenance wherever needed.

Watch for Daryl and Phoenix doing education presentations soon. These guys make a great pair.
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Susan Gets Native said...

Pretty bird! (and love the name Phoenix!)
He looks so small....

What are osprey like on the glove? Like big spazzy Coops?

Dave said...

This osprey behaves well on glove. That might be because he came to us at such a young age.

Meggie said...

Thank heaven for people like Daryl and all your other volunteers!