Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Great horned owls released

The host with the mostest, Gus a great horned owl who is caretaked by Bird TLC volunteer Gina, hosted 2 great horned owl releases at their home yesterday. The weather cooperated some, the temperature was around 15°.

Both owls were a little hesitant to leave at first, but once they got the idea, they were gone.

It's estimated that it cost around $1000 in food and medical supplies alone to rehabilitate these two owls. Thanks to the generous donors yesterday who helped cover those expenses.

The first photo is courtesy of Britt Coon / Bird TLC

The second photo is courtesy of Eberhard Brunner


Meggie said...

FABULOUS shots, especially Britt's! Soar on you beauiful birds!!

LauraHinNJ said...


Who's the owl cheering them on in the background?

Dave said...

Meggie - it was a cold day.

Laura - That's Gus, one of Bird TLC's education birds.

Susan Gets Native said...