Monday, December 07, 2009

BE 09-31

This guy came into Bird TLC from the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward after it was fished out of Resurrection Bay. It's beak injury is an old one and we have no clue as to how it had got it.

It's also a permanent injury and this guy is also not releasable. But we can do cosmetic repairs to make him more attractive and to reinforce his upper beak so there isn't further damage done. Right now we're kicking around our options. In the mean time he enjoys a clean mew and fresh salmon.

Photo Credit: Cindy Palmatier / Bird TLC


Susan Gets Native said...

Do you have to hand feed him? That looks rather nasty.
Is his cere regenerating any new tissue?

Dave said...

Susan - right now yes, but that might be because of the shock of first time being in capivity. This is an old wwound that has begun to heal, but can't heal completely.

Seaward Naturalist said...

I understand the eagle was actually fished out of a pond locally called "Stash and Store Pond" named for the nearby business at Mile 3.5 Seward Highway.

It's incredible that he could feed and fend for himself these past two months or so with such a monstrous injury. He's a survivor!

Many thanks to the Alaska Sealife Center Staff for the rescue, and the Bird TLC for the care!!


Britt said...

He's in good hands now! He'll be well fed and get lots of TLC. :)